Sunday, 5 January 2020


Dear Earthlings,

We are all dumbos who cannot ever understand Faiz's Urdu poetry and his revolutionary vision, as per the likes of Javed Akhtar, Barkha Dutt and Irfan Habib.  In 2020, we still have no option but to clasp at straws of communist revolution and Islamic reconstruction.  That was a bygone age, but Akhtar, Dutt, and Habib have nothing more to offer than to celebrate a dead poet's dead verse.  Only these intellectually bankrupt disciples wait with unblinking eyes for the resurrection of their Urdu master's once popular worker's paradise.

Far from celebrating Hum Dekhenge, we need to do an autopsy of it.  It is an escapist fantasy of a soul trapped in a jihadi cage.  Communism was never a force in Pakistan.  Faiz was at best a communist bumble bee with some felicity in Urdu, who weaved some literary magic with his words and sold some communist opium to the masses.  How different is he from Imran Khan today who still beguiles the masses with the concept of the Islamic welfare state?  This Islamic mirage is the one that we need to recognize so as not to fall for it again and again -- a weak mind fantasizing about creating paradise without escaping from the jihadi cage, scared to take on the real oppressor.


Students of an elite institution like IIT-Kanpur cannot pretend nor be allowed to pretend that inviting Muslims from Pakistan is some revolutionary goal.  All these Muzzies share these same jihadi fantasies about real Islam and fake Islam.  The professors of IIT-Kanpur have balked at the thought of taking action against anybody for reciting a poem of the Urdu literary giant.  Surely, they cannot risk international opprobrium for a small poem.  The matter will soon be relegated to oblivion, until the next revolutionary outbreak.

Pseudointellectuals feign that such mushairas and literary intercourse high on cannabis can provide some solution to the vexing communal tangle bequeathed to us by the colonialists.  Pseudoliberals once imagined that overthrowing the military would once again unite the people on both sides with a common culture and values.  Faiz stoops to the level of the jihadi intellect, instead of raising his level to that of Homo sapiens.  That is the trap which liberals fall into continually.  Faiz appeals to jihadi beliefs to fight another jihadi.

What it assumes is that a Muslim can never break jihadi idols and ideals?  A Muslim can never question Allah's concept of justice?  Never question the Judgement day written in lauh-e-azl?  Why cannot a Muslim question the need for breaking of but in Khuda's kaaba?  How can jihadis be considered ahl-e-safa?  Can communists be Khalq-e-Khuda?  His poem reeks of the stench of a society of brain-dead zombies.

We hear that he used to teach Quran when imprisoned?  We hear that he led namaaz in his last days?  Is that communism?  Or had the hero been consumed by the revolution?  Did you hear him whine when his friend Zulfikar Ali Bhutto declared Ahmediyas to be non-Muslim?  Then why so much fuss over a sari?  We may not challenge the poem's literary merit.  Iqbal Bano has given a soulful rendition.  But we can definitely question the merit and intention of those louts who were reciting the poem:those zealous defenders of the constitution.

We have already seen the result of Gandhi's pandering to Islamic sentiment during the Khilafat movement, but modern Gandhis have taken a vow not to learn from past mistakes.  The time for any capitalist, communist, democratic or feminist jihad has passed.

PS:  Modi to naalayak hai.  It would be foolish to expect his government to take any steps against Pakistan for what is happening in Nankana, but Sikhs are definitely more enterprising and should collaborate with their coreligionists in Canada, UK, and US to launch a blistering campaign for resettlement of Sikhs around their religious places instead of wasting their time fighting for Pakistan-sponsored Khalistan.

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